Our mission

Our goal is to be one of the most important culinary destinations in Colombia, where gastronomic creativity and a modern and warm ambiance come together to offer customers a unique and delicious dining experience. We want to create gastronomic experiences that reflect the flavors and diversity of Colombia, allowing guests to discover and savor Colombian ingredients and preparations within a modern culinary vernacular. We aim to continue setting the bar higher each day in search of quality, locally sourced ingredients and products that will represent the rich bio-diversity of Colombian’s regions and turn it into delicious food. Every member of our team must be committed to this mission therefore our philosophy is to find passionate and enthusiastic individuals dedicated to excellence.

Our vision

We strive to be a leader in our country’s gastronomic evolution in order to put Colombia on the culinary map of the world. Our vision is to continue creating gastronomic experiences that impact and amaze our guests while reflecting our deep appreciation for Colombia’s bounty of fresh and unique ingredients. We want to see the members of our team grow as the company and Carmen brand grow, continuing to search for efficiency and quality in every aspect of our business.

Our goals

  • Nurture gastronomic culture in Colombia.
  • Educate on the art of cooking and the techniques that give way to contemporary cuisine.
  • Provide our clients with personalized and unforgettable dining experiences.
  • Create welcoming yet elegant atmospheres where the service makes guests feel at home.
  • Offer a variety of creative dishes inspired by Colombia’s abundance of ingredients and flavors.
  • Acquire such products and ingredients locally, nationally, fresh and of high the highest quality.
  • Maintain a positive and productive work environment for our teams.
  • Provide fair employment opportunities and be ethically correct in everything that we do.
  • Position Carmen as one of the most recognized restaurants within our industry, in Colombia and beyond.

Work philosophy

The CARMEN RESTAURANT family shares its success with all of the staff, as it is they who make it all possible. We provide a means of stable employment and offer conditions for them to develop as professionals and as individuals. We recognize and value individual achievements and invite our team to fulfill their responsibilities in order to gain a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction; we consider this to be the marker for emotional, intellectual and professional development and therefore ask everyone to commit whole-heartedly to their tasks for the good of the team, our clients and that of the organization as a whole.

Our values

  • As members of CARMEN RESTAURANT, we are always professional, ethical and honest with colleagues, clients and within our team.
  • Liability: by working in pro of our clients we assure that we contribute to the personal and professional growth of our team.
  • Punctuality: we complete our day-to-day tasks in a timely manner.
  • Quality: we are committed to serving only the best to our customers and always use the best available products and ingredients on the market.
  • Cooperation: we rely on teamwork to be productive and proactive. We work as a happy family to achieve a positive work environment and get things done while having fun.
  • Commitment: by every team member fulfilling Carmen's raison d'être, we all contribute to achieve a common goal.
  • Passion: for our work and place of work, for our art and quality of service and cuisine, for the opportunity to be a part of something bigger and form part of a team that shares common passions.
  • Discipline: we perform to the best of our capacity and push beyond what is expected of us.